Meet Seth Hoskins, Mahaska Assistant Warehouse Manager

Seth Hoskins is Mahaska’s Assistant Warehouse Manager. He was born and raised in Ottumwa, IA and has worked for Mahaska for 7 years. Whether its running around in the warehouse or riding his motorcycle on the road, Seth is always on the move. Most would describe him as an upbeat father figure who enjoys the outdoors. Read more about Seth  below!

What is a typical day at Mahaska look like for you?

Always on the go!

Favorite beverage that Mahaska distributes?

Diet Pepsi.

Favorite snack that Mahaska distributes?

Milky Way.

What do you do outside of Mahaska for fun?

Hunt, fish, play with my children, and ride my motorcycle.

What’s something no one would guess about you?

I am an EXTREMELY picky eater.

How would you think your friends describe you in one sentence?

Someone you can always count on. Very positive and outgoing.

What are you most passionate about?

My family.

What have you seen Mahaska do that benefits the local community?

Always donating to local events.

How would you describe “Midwest Values?”

Kind, hardworking, and dedicated.