Introducing übr, The Natural Super Water

Since 2014 the premium water category has seen double-digit annual growth due to a growing consumer demand for healthier beverage options. In response to this demand, our partners at Klarbrunn recently introduced a new super water called übr.

The new performance water is targeted towards active individuals looking for “ultimate balance and refreshment”. übr water undergoes a micro-filtering system which creates a clean, crisp taste. The new premium water offers hydration along with a high pH of 7.28 and 29mg of electrolytes to keep the body in balance. High pH levels help rid the body and bloodstream of acidic waste and bring it back to balance. Electrolytes hydrate and help the body recover from intense performance and exercise.

The brand’s successful ‘Don’t Be Average’ campaign launched earlier this year encouraging followers to switch up their lifestyles by staying active with the all-day hydration needed to do so provided by übr. The campaign included contest to win a trip to NYC  to work out with signed celebrity yoga instructor Kristin McGee and other awesome active experiences. Follow übr on Facebook for more information and updates!

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