Baja Blast is Back to Stores for the First Time in Years!

The tropical lime-flavored beverage known as MTN DEW BAJA BLAST will be re-released in bottles and cans, for a limited time only, the first time in two years the fan favorite will be available on shelves across the nation. The fact that previously you could only get Baja Blast at Taco Bell is a huge part of why it’s such a big deal.

In the years that it has been away, fans have taken to social media to express the lengths they would go to bring back their favorite DEW flavor. Thousands of fans said they’d do anything to bring Baja Blast back. @greerster99: “I will dye my red hair bright Baja blue if it means bringing Baja blast back!

“Summer’s Most Wanted flavor is back, and it’s all thanks to the tireless efforts of DEW Nation,” said Chauncey Hamlett, Senior Director, Marketing, MTN DEW. “We were overwhelmed by all of the love we saw on social media and other channels, so we worked hard to bring back MTN DEW BAJA BLAST. We’re always listening to DEW Nation and we’re excited to give them exactly what they’ve been craving.” To celebrate, MTN DEW is giving fans who showed their love for MTN DEW BAJA BLAST by using the hashtag #BringBajaBlastBack on social media, the opportunity to appear in a video series on the brand’s social channels. Those selected will bring to life the bold lengths they would go to bring the beverage back. Fans will also have a chance to earn points toward MTN DEW BAJA BLAST gear and prizes through

This summer will be the first time in two years that the drink has been sold in stores, so definitely don’t miss out. MTN DEW BAJA BLAST will be available at retail stores nationwide in 20 oz. bottles, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans, as well as additional multi-pack sizes. But like all good things, you can’t ride the wave forever. So stock up on Summer’s most wanted while you still can.

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