The Best Way to Brew New England Iced Coffee

A hot cup of New England coffee has been a staple over the years for many, but the shift towards iced coffee has been undeniably seen throughout the nation. No matter the weather, we all know (or are) that person who will dig their car out of the snow in order to go grab an iced coffee. For some, it seems no temperature is too low for an iced cold brew. Cold brew coffee has been sweeping the beverage and coffee industry, and New England coffee has been sure to keep up. If you are team cold brew, we have some info on how best to brew New England beans to get the perfect cup iced coffee.

New England Coffee gives us the down low on the best way to brew their beans to get the perfect iced cup of coffee:

  • When brewing coffee to be used as iced coffee, we recommend you brew at double strength.
  • Start by using two rounded tablespoons of freshly ground New England Coffee per 6 ounces of water.
  • The double strength ensures that when the coffee is poured over ice, it will retain its flavor without becoming too diluted.
  • For the very best flavor, brew New England Coffee using the drip method.
  • Use only cold water, filtered if necessary, when brewing. Once the coffee has finished brewing, let it cool to room temperature.
  • Then take a 10 ounce glass, fill it with ice and pour in your 6 ounces of double strength coffee.

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