Wake Up With New England Coffee

New England Coffee has a tradition of fine craftsmanship and historical integrity and is known far beyond their passion for quality. In 1916, Menelaos Kaloyanides and his brother moved to the United States from Greece to run a successful restaurant in Boston but were left wanting to do more. Menelaos, along with his brother George and cousin Megaklis Papadopoulos, then went onto found the New England Tea & Coffee Company from their location at Milk and Broad Streets in Boston to deliver coffee to restaurants all over the city.

Today, New England Coffee celebrates over 100 years of serving the same unwavering coffee blends across the United States. Each cup of coffee is made from the finest 100% Arabic coffee beans around Central America, South America, Eastern Africa, and the East Indies. While Arabica beans represent 75% of the world’s coffee production, only 10% of them have the balanced aroma and sweet acidic taste to make them suitable for New England Coffee products. The company now proudly serves a variety of seasonal, dark roast, decaffeinated, flavored, light, and medium coffees and teas for every occasion. Coffee-lovers everywhere continue to vote our Blueberry Cobbler, Pumpkin Spice, and New England Breakfast blends as a few of their top favorite products.

At New England Coffee many people are passionate about quality. But no one has been as passionate about it for as long as second generation family member and Coffee Consultant, Steve Kaloyanides Sr. has. He continues to uphold the company’s time-honored traditions out of their five building campus in Malden, Massachusetts today.

Steven Sr. took some time to speak on what sets New England Coffee apart from its competitors. “Our biggest strength is our people. We tell our employees to have their brother or sister or husband or wife come work with us. We want that. We’ve done a great job of honoring the people who’ve been here a long time and their experience and all the things they are teaching the next generation. We’re unique because we care so deeply about each other. You can’t replicate that. It’s what keeps us thinking and acting like a small company, no matter how big we get.” Day or night, New England Coffee remains a consistent favorite for its flavor and quality thanks to the commitment of the Kaloyanides family and dedicated employees.

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