4 Reasons to Switch to a Micro Market

While vending machines are a common source of food distribution in a workplace, micro markets are the latest food distribution trend taking over many office environments, and for good reason! Micro markets differ from traditional vending machines in more ways than one might expect. To start, micro markets resemble a “convenience store” right in your office. They also commonly provide a greater selection of fresh lunches and healthy snack options. In the fast paced world we live in, micro markets make quick snacking even more accessible than ever.

1. Customization

Mahaska Micro MarketOne of the most unique things about a micro market is that the components of your space can be customized to fit your individual business needs. Micro markets are not limited by specific designs, so they can include a greater variety of food than a typical vending machine. Mahaska micro markets are designed to offer an unlimited variety of snacks and drinks as well as hundreds of fresh food options and healthy alternatives choices.

2. Convenience

When we think of convenient food, we normally associate this with unhealthy options. Micro markets allow a traditional convenient food feel without limiting food options to solely unhealthy choices. This results in a significantly larger selection of options that can cater to any person’s needs, whether that be meeting the candy bar or salad craving. However, convenience doesn’t shine through solely due to the fact that it offers accessible and healthy lunch options. Micro markets also utilize a self-service model. This self-service model relies on an “honor system” where employees are expected to pay for their purchases without a cashier on site. The customer takes their checkout process into their own hands from beginning to end, removing the hassle of a middle man.

3.   No More Lost Money or Product Hang-ups!

slideshow_04Not only do Mahaska micro markets utilize energy efficient equipment, they also have sophisticated accounting and inventory control systems set in place to eliminate any product issues that often times occur under the radar. This technology eliminates stock-out issues and provides detailed, accurate reporting to customers. This makes inventory evaluation much easier than a traditional vending machine or convenience store. Micro markets also help ease the customer’s check out process due to the fact they can easily check out with multiple items, rather than paying for one at a time.

4. Positive Workplace = Positive & Productive Employees

We are at work often times more than we are at our own homes. We want our work environments to be a positive space that we look forward to being in. Micro markets create a place for employees to step back, take a break and refuel for the day ahead of them. Often times, employees are too busy to take a lunch and don’t have time to drive somewhere to get something. Having healthy options conveniently available for your employees will help keep them happy, healthy and productive.

slideshow_02Micro markets are a great addition to any company and can even be incorporated as a way to reward and encourage employees, whether it be loading money onto a card for them to use, give out freebies on holidays, etc. Customized convenience is the latest way technology continues to deliver, making our hectic lives that much easier.

If you are interested in adding a micro market to your work space, contact Mahaska or call (800) 747-3481 for more information.