Paul Fenton portrait

Paul Fenton

Chief of Operations (IA)

As Chief of Operations of Mahaska in Iowa, Paul Fenton oversees all operations and is continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency. Fenton is responsible for the day-to-day general management of the soft-drink business but has also been a driving force behind Mahaska’s expansion into the extended territories as well as the beer business.

Fenton joined Mahaska in 1993. He was hired in the warehouse loading trucks and helping to manage the Newton, IA warehouse. In 1994, Fenton was promoted to Route Sales where he managed a route in the Newton area. In 1997, Fenton departed Mahaska and worked for Fred Nesbit Distribution in Des Moines, IA running various routes over the next ten-year period. In 2001 and 2003 he was awarded the sales person of the year along with winning a grand prize of a 2001 Ford Mustang. In 2007, Fenton returned to Mahaska to continue route sales until 2008 when he was promoted to an Express Manager, managing the major grocery store division. In 2014, Fenton was again promoted to Sales & Marketing Director for Mahaska Iowa— Fenton spearheaded the initiative to expand Mahaska’s direct-store delivery distribution territory by almost 6 times. During this same time period, he also led the greenfield development of the Mahaska beer distribution system. In 2019, Fenton was promoted to Chief of Operations.

Fenton spends his free time hunting and spending time with his family.

Fenton is graduate of PCM High School of Monroe Iowa, Fenton is also a graduate of multiple Dale Carnegie courses.