David Chang portrait

David Chang

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff of Mahaska, David Chang is responsible overseeing and executing corporate strategies, organizational priorities, potential synergies, and long-term growth initiatives. Seen as the defacto leader within the organization, he functions as the critical communication bridge between all employees and ownership. Chang’s role also includes project management with various outside agencies that assist all the Mahaska related entities. Lastly, Chang is accountable for managing Mahaska’s Purchasing, Over the Road, Human Resources & Information Technology departments. His previous title at Mahaska was Executive Vice-President, Office of the President.

Before joining Mahaska in 2014, Chang was the General Manager of a family owned global freight forwarding and logistics corporation. With 10 years of international business knowledge and experience, Chang brings a unique global mindset and leadership style to Mahaska. He has extensive knowledge in air/sea/land logistics, international and domestic trade laws, U.S. Customs and Border Protection import and export laws, IATA/IMO Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials transport guidelines, and U.S. Department of Homeland Security shipping regulations.

In addition to his role at Mahaska, Chang also oversees Quality Assurance and Production for Odin Brands, an endurance focused food and beverage company specializing in athletic products.

Chang holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in Sociology.