Chad Irving portrait

Chad Irving

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

As CMO of Mahaska, Chad Irving is responsible for Mahaska’s marketing strategy. With a strong focus on long-term growth and business expansion, Irving oversees marketing communication, market research, distribution management, and product development including sales management and pricing. He has been with Mahaska since 1999 in several different roles with the company.

In the 6 years prior to his appointment as CMO, Irving served as a Marketing Director where he specialized in brand development and creation of marketing plans to achieve optimal market share, pricing, and growth. Early in his career at Mahaska, he managed critical customer relationships while streamlining distribution systems as a Route Director. Before Mahaska, Irving worked for SuperValu Foods based in Des Moines, IA as a food specialist and store manager. At SuperValu, he implemented category management processes into the distribution system.

In addition to his role at Mahaska, Irving also serves as brand manager for Odin Brands, an endurance-focused food and beverage company specializing in athletic products.

Irving graduated from Indian Hills College Telecom Engineering School with a degree in Applied Technology.