Branden Muhl portrait

Branden Muhl

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As CEO of Mahaska, Branden Muhl drives overall vision and strategy for the company. He is a fifth generation family owner of Mahaska (seventh generation overall), continuing more than a century of heritage in formulating, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing food and beverage products. Having grown up in Kansas and worked in Mahaska facilities all over the Midwest, Muhl has always taken a strong interest in the family business. He purchased Mahaska in 2012 upon the retirement and transition to Chairman of the Board by his father, Bradley Muhl, continuing the tradition of consolidated ownership under a single leader that was revived under Brad.

Muhl continues to expand upon his father’s business development efforts at Mahaska by building an independently owned brand portfolio and engaging in territorial expansion. In addition, he oversees Mahaska’s marketing strategy, which is consistent with its independent bottling roots while also improving customer experience with new technology and a fresh look. While Mahaska will continue to innovate, Muhl is steadfast in maintaining the timeless, traditional feel of the bottling company that he grew up with in the Midwest.

Prior to his current roles, Muhl spent eight years on Wall Street as an equity portfolio manager where he focused on healthcare equities. He continues his investment activities by way of B Group Capital, his own long-short equity investment company that specializes in biotechnology, genetic sequencing, and molecular diagnostics opportunities.

Currently, Muhl is involved in management of diverse business interests, serves on multiple Boards of Directors, and is involved in a number of organizations across various industries. These businesses and organizations include: Museum of Ice Cream, B Group Capital, Greystone Hotel Miami, Independent Bottler’s Association (IBA), JOMAST, and YPO (Dallas Chapter).

Muhl holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.